Mission : Redefining Aviation Training using XR Technologies

Bauddhartha means Virtual Reality in Sanskrit.

Formed in 2018 by seasoned subjet matter expertise from XR [VR/AR] technology and Avaiation industries.

Using our vast expertise, we throughly analyzed and understand the key challenges, limitiations and gaps in the Aviation Training sector. Leveraging XR technology's capabilties, we devised solutions to address gaps/limitations in Aviation training sector as well as redefine the training environment/landscape to meet future demands

Immersive XR technology and devices provide users with real-looking, high-fidelity and emotionally-rich experiences. The mobile versions of our solutions can run on trainees' smartphones and tablets, providing new engagement and learning opportunities, available in any place, at any time

Our founders have several years of experience in creating 3D and mobile solutions for education, learning, and training. We work closely with experts in different domains such as cabin safety, emergency medicine, civil defense and security to create effective XR[VR/AR] solutions that respond to practical needs.