About Emerging Trends in Aviation MRO Industry

About EAMRO 2022 In the last few years, Aviation and Aerospace have seen remarkable development in India. Though the progress is significant, the opportunities and possible ventures from the industry are yet to be unmasked. Most people are still unaware of these developments and their impact. Aviakul’s mission is to bridge this gap through its outreach activities such as Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Webinars, Events etc., hence promoting Aviation Awareness at a grass-root level.

Aviation Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul (MRO) industry is going through a rapid expansion and development in India in the recent past, thanks to Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives which has set out on a mission to make India, a Global MRO hub. India has always been left out of the global race just because we always implement but rarely encourage the zeal & vigor to invent. Organizing conferences of international nature addressing this issue in the Capital of India will motivate and promote the zeal to invent cutting edge technologies and make India a leader in defining the path for the said industry.

Our Achievement

  • Making contacts with other businesses and getting to know one another
  • Interact with government officials and business delegates, and other officers
  • Whether you are an expert, an industry insider, or a novice, you will be delighted, enlightened, and pleased by the various activities that represent "The Spirit of Aviation" all around you.