Our Services

Cabin Familiarization

Internal and external aircraft configuration with focus on usage of emergency & security equipment.

Emergency Door/Exit Operations

Types of emergency doors and their operational procedures in normal and emergency scenarios.

Fire Fighting Procedures

Types of fires in Cabin, Galley, Lavatory and fighting/extinguishing procedures.

Galley Familiarization

Galley equipment and devices covering Ovens, Beverage Makers, Water Drainage system, Trolley, Container, Latches

Security Procedures

Handling of unruly passengers and suspicious object handling (Bomb on board, Hijack, Preventive measures of Security breach)

Emergency Procedures

Management of emergencies: Pax/Crew incapacitation, pressurization failure, fire on board, rapid deplaning

Normal Operations

Procedures for takeoff, landing, climbing, cruise, descent, pre and post flight SOPs

Medical Procedures

Procedures for cabin crew self care, passengers care (including onboard death, medical emergencies) and emergency equipment & supplies